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Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Global Dental Impression Trays, Inc. (GDIT) is a dental company founded and operated by dentists for dentists. We are committed to improving global dental procedures through innovative product development and comprehensive dental education. Our mission is to help dentists become better practitioners and better business people through dentist-centric, technologically superior products, techniques, and comprehensive education. GDIT’s management is committed to affecting change in the dental industry by educating at the dental school level, dental laboratories, and practicing dentists
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A Full Range of Dental Products

With the success of the Massad Impression Tray which was designed for the edentulous patient, it was only a matter of time before suggestions were pouring in requesting a fully featured dentate tray.

6 Reasons to Choose Massad Products

Incredible life-like aesthetics with 4-layer anteriors

Wear-Resistance Like No Other

MASSAD teeth are made with PMMA polymers that are highly cross-linked for excellent wear-resistance. These extended polymer networks (EPN)™ form an extensive network of bonds which results in abrasion and craze resistant teeth that are hard but not brittle.

Lot Code Traceability

While our teeth are made by hand, our order processing and fulfillment is virtually all digital. Each set of teeth contains a QR code which includes a lot code in order to comply with modern Unique Device Identification (UDI) guidelines as required for all medical devices sold in the United States.

Registered with VerifyDent.com

Each 1 X 14 includes a Quality Verification Card from VerifyDent.com, a new global materials verification system. Each card includes a verification number so that the material content can be verified.


Use our 10-Drawer Tooth Cabinet
– Stackable
– Lockable
– Bar-Coded Inserts

Let us customize your tooth stock!

Order a portable bar code reader.
Watch bar code system video – it’s easy!

Subject to credit approval.

Massad Denture Teeth Clinical Lifetime Warranty

Massad Denture Teeth are warranted against excessive wear, discoloration or crazing for the clinical life of the denture. If Massad teeth do not perform as warranted, we will provide replacement teeth free, provided the denture was used only for its intended purpose without modification or abuse, and on condition.

Endorsed by Dr. Joe Massad

who is an internationally-renown educator on topics of removable and implant prosthodontics. He has spent decades teaching his proven methods of impression-taking and jaw recording around the world. He has used many brands of premium teeth over the years and knows esthetics, wear-resistance and quality. Dr. Massad tested our premium-quality tooth line and liked them so much, he allowed us to put his name on them.

Dr. Joseph Massad New Two Step Impression Technique

Dr. Joseph Massad New Two Step Impression Technique from MASSAD MEDIA GROUP on Vimeo.

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