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2015 Lecture Schedule

Dr. Joseph J. Massad and his team are now delivering the latest techniques and procedures in prosthodontics to you and your staff. A series of one and two 2 day training packages are offered to better satisfy the individual needs of each participant. When you attend you will quickly understand that this is not a typical classroom - it is a fully immersive experience into modern prosthodontics. Prior to traveling to the Dr. Joseph J. Massad Center for Higher Learning each participant will be required to view a streaming video course and take a pretest to qualify for the hands-on and over-the-shoulder course. Each section begins with a review of techniques demonstrated on actual patients. Then it's time for you to actively participate, performing the techniques yourself with over-the-shoulder instruction. It is truly a hands-on experience.

One-on-One Course

At our facility, we can arrange a customized individual one or two day course tailored instruction to your specific needs. We can provide for you a local patient in need, or you may opt to bring your own patient. We also allow for you to bring staff members for this tailored class. Participants are responsible for total airfare, hotel, transportation (a shuttle service may be available from select hotels), evening meals, and incidentals. And don't forget your clinical jackets or any special gloves you may require. Class begins at 8:00 a.m. with sessions totaling between 8-10 hours day one and 6 -8 hours day two.

On Site Course

In some cases, it may be more appropriate for us to come to your practice and provide training at your facility. We will tailor the training to the specific needs of you and your chosen patient. Participants are responsible for total airfare, hotel, and transportation to and from your facility for Dr. Joseph J. Massad and a Team Instructor or his Lab Technician. For more information you may contact us anytime.

Course Objectives

Review simplified and practical concepts in Removable and Implant Removable Prosthodontics of today, and define the advantages and disadvantages vs. past methods.

Discuss various problems commonly associated with the edentulous and implant overdenture patients and methods to intercept these problems before committing to treatment of the patient.

Master the tissue character and tissue mobility classifications and how these relate to choosing a surgical solution or a design alteration in the final prosthesis.

Describe the clinical technique in developing the final prosthesis for the various boney and tissue edentulous conditions with complete and implant immediate denture appliances.

Learn how the Orthopedic Splint process resolves many prosthodontic problems.

Understand how the clinical technique for the immediate denture has evolved to provide predictable results.

Achieve Post-Op Equilibration in record time and learn how to significantly minimize Post-Op appointments.


Considering the advanced level of the courses, a prerequisite is necessary to guarantee that all participants receive the highest level of instruction without the need to review the basics. At a minimum, you are required to go online and enroll in a streaming video course and take a pretest before you attend any of our classes. Dr. Joseph J. Massad's video, Predictable Complete Dentures III, is also a good DVD series to review. If necessary, you may purchase the video online.

Dr. Joseph J. Massad and his mentor Dr. Frank Schiesser.

Two Day Course

"Removable Prosthodontics To the Next Level"Course One, consists of a two-day in-house training located at the Dr. Joseph J. Massad Center for Higher Learning in Tulsa, Oklahoma just 15 minutes from the Tulsa International Airport. The course consists of actual patient demonstrations which will include the following:

Day One Morning:

1.) A demonstration of the complete assessment and examination on a patient utilizing a protocol that utilizes a digital application will be detailed. This generally will set the basis for the remaining day and a half of class time. The attendees will be able to view over the doctor's shoulder a complete examination and assessment which will determine the degree of success prior to accepting a patient for treatment. The examination was developed as a diagnostic and prognostic method, to allow both patient and dentist the ability to accept or deny treatment at the examination appointment. Day one, Afternoon: demonstrations on patients of impression making of both edentulous and implant over denture patients will be performed by the instructors while the dentists observe over the shoulder. Each student will be able to take part in at least one portion of the impression in order to have a better grasp of the entire procedure. 2.) Day two, Morning: Patients will be utilized in making records utilizing prefabricated base plates. Records will include a physiological neutral zone recording; a vertical physiological centric relation recording; and an anterior setup determining patient esthetics followed by a face bow record. Each applicant will be viewing over the dentist's shoulder and as time permits attendees will be allowed to assist and perform a part of the procedure. Day two, afternoon: In the afternoon of day two the attending dentist will be able to perform one or more of the procedures while the doctor's look over their shoulders to coach them. Prerequisites: Since the In-House classes concentrate on patient experiences it is in the best interest of each attendee to take Dr. Joseph J. Massad's online presentations listed below.

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