Seminars and Hands On Events

Our team is continuously teaching the most innovative and productive techniques to participants around the globe. Please visit the following links to find a seminar near you.

Tips of the Day

Most recently, Dr. Massad has teamed up with Dental Economics to share with you his video “Tips of the Day” which include high quality demonstrations of products and techniques used by the team to improve their services and increase profitibility. Click here to view the latest videos in the Dentistry IQ player on Dr. Massad’s home page.

Published Articles

Dr. Massad and his associates have published hundreds of articles on a wide range of subjects over the years, all in an effort to continuously improve the services we can provide to our patients. Attend one of Dr. Massad’s lectures to receive access to the downloadable articles available in the Private Downloads area of Dr. Massad’s website. Massad Event Schedule

Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Massad has always taught that “our patients are our ambassadors”. Click here to view an invaluable resource on his website, a compiled reference resulting from listening to the most common questions and concerns presented by patients over the years.