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Impression Tray

The NEW Massad Overdenture Low Temp Tray is specially designed with overdenture and selective partial denture patients in mind. The color and clarity of the tray were designed so practitioners can accurately see the placement of the tray in the patient’s mouth, with or without material.  This feature helps the user get a great impression the first time, saving time and material that would be used if the impression needed to be repeated.


The redesigned handle on the Massad Overdenture Impression Tray is uniquely shaped to have zero interference with performing an accurate border molding. Newly designed low-temp tray comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, to ensure the perfect fit for any patient.


The Massad Overdenture Low Temp Tray is made of a thermoplastic material, making them limber and moldable when placed into a hot water bath for approximately 30 seconds at 165 degrees.  When the tray is easily manipulated and becomes rubbery, it is quickly inserted into the mouth.


One of the critical parts of our goal was to create a tray that would be suitable for situations and procedures overdentures and partial dentures require.




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